Firms demand UK takes power back from EU

Tim Wallace
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BUSINESS bosses want the UK to take back powers from the EU across areas including employment law, corporate governance and home affairs, according to a poll published today by the Institute of Directors.

Although 49 per cent would vote to stay in the EU and just 15 per cent want to leave, 57 per cent support the PM’s promise to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Brussels.

“In too many areas, Europe has lost its way,” IoD director general Simon Walker will say at a conference today.

“Its regulatory and legislative output ties up the efforts of small and medium sized businesses. Efforts which could otherwise be spent on innovation, expansion and investment.”

The group also wants the creation of a real single market in services to open up trade across the continent, with the digital economy a particular focus.

It came as research by Open Europe found 50 per cent of Germans support the return of powers from the EU to member states, while only 26 per cent oppose such a move. The findings could give David Cameron a key ally in his renegotiation efforts.