Letters to the editor - 17/09 - House price bubble, Best of Twitter

House price bubble

[Re: Artificially limiting rises in house prices will do more harm than good, yesterday]
Philip Booth is the voice of reason, rightly pointing out that we have one of the most restrictive land-use planning policies in Europe. I am surprised that the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has called for these limiting proposals, rather than putting its weight squarely behind freeing up supply – to closer match demand – in the housing market.

Michael Smith

I disagree with the assertion that there is no housing bubble because of a lack of activity or mass-participation. The housing bubble has had its mass participation phase (2000-2008), and prices are now soaring again, so it is not surprising that fewer people can participate. Rather than suggesting housing is no longer in a bubble, lower participation may mean the bubble is running out of fuel and is a stage closer to popping. Either way, the pressure is on for anyone buying a house.

Dan Tubb

Howard Archer is absolutely right that we are still some way off a housing bubble. Only London is nearing bubble territory.

Ken Ward



Estonia inflation 3.6 per cent in August. In Greece: 1 per cent deflation. No such thing as “Eurozone” inflation.

QE is making pensioners poorer forever via annuities impact. This has been ignored and will lower growth.

Lib Dems message is same as since 2010: we’re saving you from the Tories by working with them. Hard sell.

Government should now give taxpayers remaining 33 per cent of shares in Lloyds via mass distribution.