Slowdown for the City as new speed limit rules are approved

THE CITY of London voted in favour of a 20 mile per hour speed limit in the capital’s financial centre yesterday.

The 20’s plenty campaign, which pushes for the slower speed to be adopted, commented: “A quarter of London is now committed to 20mph and other boroughs are watching the City’s decision.”

The neighbouring boroughs of Islington and Camden have already introduced a lower speed limit, as reductions in the limit have become increasingly popular with local authorities around the country over recent years.

Speed limits have already been reduced in Paris and Tokyo, and the group expects other parts of the capital to follow suit. The City of London police have committed themselves to actively enforcing the new rule.

Campaigners suggest that bringing the speed limit down to 20 miles per hour can reduce accidents and deaths without compromising on pollution or congestion in the square mile.