Meet the high speed analyst going downhill

A SKILL for judging downhill slopes could prove quite useful for an equities analyst. So it’s with much respect that The Capitalist reveals that a resident of Threadneedle Street is a world champion street luger.

Peter Eliot, insurance scribbler for Berenberg, took the plunge into street luging as a member of Oxford’s alternative sports club while at university, and now has a decade and a half of racing under his belt.

He was crowned the World Cup Series Champion in 2002 and 2010 and successfully throws himself down hills on a sled in competitive races around the globe.

In a recent magazine article, he picked out Rio de Janeiro as his favourite place to race, along with a particularly hilly course in San Francisco that sent him hurtling through the air. But he says there are few roads deserted enough in the UK to be worth a luge, for anyone tempted to try it out.

“You don’t have to be really fit – there’s a reason I chose a lie-down sport with a headrest,” he wrote.

It turns out Berenberg is a veritable hive of unusual hobbies, The Capitalist hears.

Another of the bank’s staffers once tried to make it as a Bollywood actor before returning to the City as a technology analyst.