Letters to the editor for 13 September 2013

Financial taxes

[Re: The unlawful EU financial transaction tax should rightfully be abandoned, yesterday]

I oppose the EU’s Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), but why are we ignoring the fact that we already have a domestic 0.5 per cent levy on share trading in the UK? Stamp duty is five times the rate of the FTT’s proposed 0.1 per cent rate on shares, and 50 times the proposed 0.01 per cent tax on derivatives. Surely this is also an anti-growth tax, and a significantly larger one than the proposals from the EU? I am at a loss as to how the smaller levy can be called a tax on growth and the larger one not.

Name Withheld


New iPhone

Who would not fork out the extra £80 to get Apple’s iPhone 5s? Especially since the “cheaper” 5c looks cheap. Apple would do better to not confuse the brand. Having an Apple product used to mean owning a premium item. It still does, so we are left with paying slightly less than premium money for a cheap-looking phone in the 5c.

Robin De Villiers

Apple faced a tough choice: either increase sales in developing markets by reducing prices, or keep a premium brand image and forego market share to cheaper phones. Time will tell if they chose wisely.

John Holt



Royal Mail privatisation is about delivering investment, ensuring a vital first class service.

Royal Mail privatisation is a politically motivated sale. Faces huge opposition from businesses across the UK.

Carney admits policy is more stimulative. But it raises issue of whether inflation target is compromised.

Horror of Help to Buy: Construction jobs down 227,000. Estate agents up 77,000.