Banknotes turn plastic fantastic

THE BANK of England has done a superb job of protecting sterling since governor Mark Carney took over in July, albeit somewhat inadvertently. The Canadian has seen a strengthening pound climb 3.3 per cent against the US dollar as pesky investors defy his assurance over super-loose policy. An opportune time for a shopping trip to New York, eh Reader?

But yesterday the Bank unveiled a more practical means of protecting our money, as rate-setter Charlie Bean announced that the public will be consulted over possible new polymer notes – which have a wipe-clean surface.

The plastic-y notes are already used in several countries around the world including Carney’s Canada, where earlier in the year he had to deny that new bills had been patriotically scented with maple syrup. So can we look forward to fresh fivers tasting of fish ‘n’ chips? Probably not.