TSB boss has museum epiphany

THE GHOST of retail bankers past inspired the decision to resurrect the TSB brand name out of the huge variety of old high street brands which have been subsumed into the Lloyds Banking Group, its new boss revealed yesterday.

Reverend Henry Duncan founded the Trustee Savings Bank in 1810 in Ruthwell, and had such an impact that locals set up a savings museum.

Being passionate about savings banks, new TSB boss Paul Pester was naturally excited to visit.

“We couldn’t consider any other name,” Pester said. “In the museum I sat at Henry Duncan’s own desk and held his own pen, and there was no doubt in my mind we had to use the TSB name.”

The Capitalist suspects the fact the brand was kept alive in the Lloyds TSB name since 1995 also had something to do with it.