Osborne reveals hair-raising cuts

AMID all of George Osborne’s talk yesterday of “turning a corner” and “sustainable recovery”, the chancellor’s audience seized on the word “cut” – specifically Osborne’s own dodgy chop.

So while Osborne earnestly delivered his keynote speech, Twitter users ignored economics to pose a more pressing question: “What’s going on with George Osborne’s hair?”

The formerly bouffant politician appeared to be leading by example when he spelled out a range of budget measures to reduce the cost of living, including trimming household bills.

Gone was the parting and floppy locks of his Bullingdon Club days, replaced by what looked like an austerity measure at the local barber.

“George Osborne’s hair has been the victim of savage cuts,” joked one tweet.

If the chancellor’s haircut wasn’t distracting enough, the venue of half-finished City apartment block One Commercial Street also drew further attention, with detractors pointing out the £720,000 to £1.4m prices for flats.

The chancellor – no doubt keen to prove he wants no one fleeced – said at least some are “affordable housing”. Shared equity or reduced rent will be offered for 70 apartments.