The Lexus LF-NX concept is a muscular, angular beast; a vision we hope will become a reality

The Japanese carmaker is known for its stunning concept designs. Here is one from the top draw.

LEXUS will today unveil its latest striking concept vehicle in the muscular LF-NX mid-sized crossover.

The car, which will be displayed at the Frankfurt motor show, combines Tron-like styling with the latest hybrid technology.

It adheres to Lexus’s L-finesse design, which influences all of the Japanese manufacturer’s cars. It features the brand’s distinctive “spindle” grille and its profile is instantly recognisable as being from the Lexus stable. Daytime running lights are located separately to the manufacturer’s signature front light arrangement, while the multitude of vertical lines that swoop down the bodywork aren’t only for appearance – they also contribute to the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

It is built with an ultra-futuristic “Human Oriented” interior, which lays out the cabin in an intuitive, ergonomic way. It also looks very, very cool, with blue instrument lighting, yellow and black leather trim and enough brushed metal to keep an Apple designer happy. Throw in some touch sensitive switches and a tablet interface and you have a car that could almost qualify for a science fiction movie.

The LF-NX fits into a segment of the market currently occupied by the Range Rover Evoque; a car with the performance of an SUV that’s efficient enough for use in the city.

Lexus has described the concept as a “vision” for a forthcoming road model; we expect its aggressive styling to be pared down before it hits the streets, although we kind of hope it isn’t.

Lexus is no stranger to releasing stunning concept designs. The jaw-droppingly beautiful LF-LC coupé premiered in January 2012 at the North American International Auto Show. Its sleek lines and low, powerful silhouette had petrol-heads around the world salivating and rumour has it a road model could be forthcoming. Fingers crossed.