Letters to the Editor - 09/09 - Twitter complaint, AI developments, Best of Twitter

Twitter complaint

[Re: Twitter complaint signals the start of a revolution for corporate reputations, Friday]
This is a wonderful story. So many companies, of which British Airways is one, do not dedicate sufficient resources towards dealing with customers. The resultant media coverage, not to mention the thousands who saw the comment on Twitter, should set alarm bells ringing in comms departments across the globe. However, the “promoted Tweet” cost Hasan Syed a reported $1,000. Sadly, it is unlikely others will want to bear such an expense simply to shame a company into dealing with their problem.

Clarke Pitts


AI developments

[Re: Artificial Intelligence will destroy jobs, but technological pessimism is wrong, Thursday]
Like the introduction of any other productivity-enhancing innovation, developments in AI will free us up to focus on other tasks. But this won’t mean working hours stay the same. As we have become richer, we’ve had more time for leisure. There are concerns for the incomes of non-skilled workers, but a broad-based consumption tax should work well – of the kind used to redistribute remittances in emerging nations. We shouldn’t reject out of hand the kind of technological progress that will allow us to work less for more.

Emma Randall



Britain may be a small island, but I would challenge anyone to find a country with a prouder history.

UK trade is a perennial problem. Deficit on trade in goods increased £0.3bn in the three months to July.

State funding of political parties would be abhorrent. It must not happen.

Trade figures show need to diversify and rebalance our economy. We still have a long way to go.