Bullish rights issue statement from Barclays

BANKING giant Barclays published a rather bullish announcement yesterday, when it released a statement on its latest rights issue.

Rather than linking to the Barclays website, all the links appearing to direct to Barclays, in fact sent readers to a site called Hereford.com, an Idaho-based company that sells bull semen.

A Barclays spinner was tight-lipped on the subject yesterday, telling The Capitalist: “I’m absolutely not saying anything more on Cowgate” as the firm seems to have dubbed the mishap.

The bank has since issued an updated bull-free release, and said only that: “URLs provided in the original announcement were incorrect.”

It is not known who was responsible for the cock-up, but perhaps the draftsmen over at the bank were too focused on the results of bull and pig semen specialist Genus, which were announced the day before.