Gizmos to get the brain in gear

The kids suffering from end of summer blues? Alex Dymoke chooses eight gadgets to help ease in the new academic year

Seagate ultra-portable external hard drive 500GB


Losing unsaved work is every student’s worst nightmare. Take no chances with this usefully pocket-sized external hard drive from Seagate.

Samsung Chromebook


If the Macbook Air is out of your price range and you want a solid notebook for web-browsing and word processing, look no further than the Samsung Chromebook.

Incase Compact


Carrying a heavy laptop in your backpack is bad for you and bad for your computer. This specially designed bag eases the strain while protecting your Macbook.

Kindle Paperwhite


Why drag a heavy bag of books around when you can carry all of them in your Kindle? The Kindle Paperwhite makes reading fun with a touch screen display and inbuilt dictionary.

Macbook Air


Light, slender and lightning quick, the Macbook Air is the ultimate super-portable laptop. It may be pricey but no one can match it for performance or battery life.

Kensington Portable Notebook Lock


Leave your laptop unattended at your library desk while perusing the bookshelves with this combination lock from Kensington.



So the kids are fully kitted out for the school year. Stop them losing all their expensive gadgets with these bluetooth enabled stickers.

Livescribe Wifi Smartpen


This superpen records everything you write, hear and draw during class. Tap the pen on the page to play the lesson back. Written work is automatically recorded to Evernote (see below).