The appiest days of your life: Five of the best educational apps

Studyblue allows users to create electronic flashcards that are great for revision. The creators claim to have tailored their app to the specific learning requirements of children who have grown up with the internet. Notes are stored in the cloud and students studying the same subjects are able to help each other.

Duolingo is a free language learning app that offers Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian courses for English speakers. The app makes money by incorporating the translation of real world documents into the courses. Upload a document that needs translating and Duolinguists translate it for practice.

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app with an extension for every browser. The camera is able to read all kinds of handwritten notes as text, so if you take a picture of a classmate’s notes, those notes will then be searchable on your phone. Evernote claims to turn your phone into an extension of your brain.

There’s an entire universe of things to learn on Quizlet, from physics to human geography. Notes created by other students are available to everyone, and kids can also create their own sets for specific lessons and assignments. It’s perfect for subjects that test the memory, such as languages, geography and science.

National Geographic World Atlas
This app is essential for those who feel nostalgic for pre-Google Earth cartography. It presents maps in a beautiful, inviting way and is guaranteed to encourage, if not spark, an interest in geography. The app contains easily accessed information about countries and continents – a great introduction to the globe for those starting school.