Gory, gory Man United: Rooney posts injury pic

Frank Dalleres
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INJURED England striker Wayne Rooney took matters into his own hands yesterday after growing exasperated by some fans questioning his withdrawal from the squad for two crucial fixtures.

The Manchester United player posted a picture on Facebook illustrating the seriousness of the head injury that forced him out of World Cup qualifiers against Moldova, tomorrow, and Ukraine.

He wrote: “Some people seem to be questioning my commitment to the England squad and the fact I had to pull out of the two games. There’s nothing I would like more than to be helping the lads in the qualifiers. I’m sure people will see from these images the reason why I won’t be able to play.”

England colleague Theo Walcott described Rooney’s head wound, which he suffered during a United training session in an accidental clash with defender Phil Jones, as looking “like something from a horror film” earlier this week.