Clean-up in the C-suite after Vodafone deal

NOT ONLY did Vodafone secure a massive £54bn windfall for its shareholders this week – after agreeing a record-breaking deal with American telecoms group Verizon – but The Capitalist hears it also left a spot of temporary office destruction in its wake.

The £84bn deal was agreed by the telecoms giants’ boards on Sunday, with 20 or 30 advisors from the likes of Goldman Sachs and UBS cosying up in the chairman’s suite at Vodafone’s Paddington office.

Not wanting any secrets to be leaked, dealmakers called off the cleaners for the weekend, resulting in a less than spick and span boardroom.

No doubt the firm’s chief spinner Matt Peacock had quite the shock upon arriving back from holiday to find the mess. Peacock had been on annual leave, but cut his holiday short to jet back to London for D-day on the so-called Vodazon deal.

The Capitalist hears that in the midst of the excitement Peacock forgot to change his voicemail, which informed panicking City hacks on Sunday that he was still abroad. 

All’s well that ends well, as they say.