Letters to the editor - 04/09 - Walke Scorchie, Best of Twitter

Walkie Scorchie

[Re: Walkie Talkie has few design solutions as beam warms shops to 70 degrees Celsius, yesterday]

Someone has built a giant parabolic mirror and, unsurprisingly, it’s melting cars and burning bars. Archimedes reputedly used the same technique to set fire to an enemy fleet. The remedy is obvious: refit the window panes to all be parallel to the same plane. It’ll cost you but that’s what you get if you do not employ a generalist on your project.

Henk Bakker

There is also The Shard to consider. In certain conditions, it reflects sun into the faces of train drivers as they approach London Bridge. This prevents them from operating at normal speed, and they have to crawl for some distance – causing delays on the network at certain times of the year. Top architects should be qualified in engineering (and common sense), and not art alone.

Gavin Foster

Architects always have problems like this. At Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Hall in LA, they had to use sandblasters on its stainless steel panels to stop sunlight reflecting into peoples’ apartments. It’s not the job of architects to act like engineers.

R Shaw


65 per cent of Germans think further aid to other European countries should be put to a referendum.

What kind of economic recovery is this? For most, life is getting harder – but Wonga is making a fortune.

Since the start of 2011, the gap in economic growth between Germany and Greece has been 20 per cent.

Remarkable how much difference a few months with no threat of euro collapse has made to UK economy.