Any Other Business - 03/09

A few corks, or bottle tops, will be popping at supermarket Asda over the news that the chain’s own-brand Extra Special Golden Ale (pictured) is all the rage in Japan. The bottled drink is the second-best-selling beer over all the 368 branches of Japanese supermarket chain Seivu, according to the Grocer magazine. In fact, it is even more popular in Japan than here in the UK, with sales in Japan now 155 per cent higher than in the UK.

In other foodie news, The Capitalist brings you the mystery of Gordon Ramsay's latest venture. Gordon Ramsay Holdings has applied to trademark the name SIP, but a spokesperson for the group has remained tight-lipped over what the name might be used for, saying only: “Like many businesses, for due diligence, we regularly register trademarks for various projects.” This comes despite Ramsay’s track record of only registering restaurant names. However, perhaps the chef is branching out. The application covers the standard restaurants and bar usage but also includes kitchen utensils, textiles, clothing, footwear, headgear and – the real brand diversifier – bed covers.