Letters to the editor for - 03/09 - UK risk disease, Help to Buy, Best of Twitter

UK risk disease

[Re: Both Left and Right should fear the threat to medical research in the UK, yesterday]

London has the capacity to build a world class cluster for biomedical innovation. But John Hulsman highlights a stark example of a risk averse culture in this country – a disease we need to treat if we are to deliver on our potential. There are signs of promise. The Francis Crick Institute, due for completion in London in 2015, will attract scientists and clinicians, facilitating the translation of discovery into treatments. But regulators, financiers, government and researchers must work together to deliver – for the health of both our citizens and our economy.

Professor Stephen Caddick, vice-provost, UCL


Help to Buy

[Re: Demand for houses rises as Help to Buy takes flak, yesterday]

One way the government can make housing more affordable is to switch stamp duty to sellers, rather buyers. First time buyers would no longer have the burden of saving for the duty as well as the deposit. This could stimulate the market, as most chain purchases are reliant on those at the bottom – usually the first time buyer. This method should make no difference to those in the middle of the chain. The government only needs to make exceptions for those at the top end of the chain, or who have recently purchased.

Richard Emms



There should be no second vote on Syria unless there is a major change in circumstances.

Last time UK manufacturing output was growing this fast (1994), GDP was growing at 4.5 per cent.

Strong growth and persistent above target inflation – surely a case for moving interest rates off the floor.

Drone strikes insufficiently troublesome for Obama to request Congress’ approval. Syria, on the other hand.