Weight loss pays out in Dubai

A DIETING challenge in Dubai has proved to be worth its weight in gold – quite literally – this weekend.

Dieters in the emirate have just completed a five week weight-loss challenge set by the government, which rewards the biggest losers with grams of the precious metal.

The “No Wealth Without Health” challenge saw hundreds of participants register, with each contestant needing to drop two kilograms in order to be eligible for a golden reward.

After the official weigh-in on Saturday, the winning dieter shed pounds from his hips, but gained more in his pocket after dropping a huge 22 kilograms. Anyone losing more than 10 kilograms was rewarded with three grams of gold per kilogram lost, but there were smaller payouts for dieters losing two kilograms or more.

“Some women gained weight but everyone said they would continue with the effort,” said a weigh-in official.

Perhaps former Bank of England governor – and rumoured devotee of the 5:2 diet – Lord King has missed a trick.