Ken Olisa’s colleague prepares to climb Mont Blanc and fly down it

REGULAR readers may recall that The Capitalist reported earlier in the summer on former Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation board member Ken Olisa trademarking “More Soviet than City” – the memorable phrase he used when parting ways with the mining group.

But now it appears one of his colleagues might be thinking “more water than alcohol” after drunkenly agreeing to take part in a cycling, climbing and paragliding challenge for Alzheimers Society and Macmillan Cancer Support, having never done any of these sports before. Sam Forman, a banker at Olisa’s merchant bank Restoration Partners, is currently cycling from London to Chamonix, where he will ascend Mont Blanc with 30kg of paraglider on his back.

However, it hasn’t all been hard grind.

Passing a coconut shy at a village fete on the first day of cycling Forman picked up some bounty: “It was only when struggling up a hill 15 miles later that I realised carrying a coconut in my drinks holder was probably a bit stupid,” he told The Capitalist.