Letters to the editor - 29/08 - Jobless youth, HS2 failings, Best of Twitter

Jobless youth

[Re: Why far too many young people still struggle to find work after education, Friday]

Lottie Dexter makes for good reading, but I disagree with her conclusions. Enforced apprenticeships will not save Britain’s young – they are the hallmark of a corporatist industrial policy. We live in an age of innovation: machines or even robots will increasingly be able to take over tasks that workers used to do. The answer to this is not to make conformist apprentices out of Britain’s troubled young. The only real answer is to teach young people the values of personal responsibility and enterprise so they can adapt to these trends.

Name withheld


HS2 failings

[Re: Business split over future of High Speed 2, yesterday]

Rail travel costs have risen by more than inflation or wages year after year (they’ve gone up by almost 40 per cent since 2008). By the time HS2 is built, just how many will be able to afford to take a train?

Derek Emery

Quite why HS1 terminates at St Pancras while HS2 will terminate at Euston is one of the very odd aspects of this scheme. It does seem that HS2 is being egged on by consultants who know that politicians love grand projects.

Beth Williams



UN needs patient negotiation not cynical “take it or leave it” resolution designed to legitimise bombing.

Let’s not let Bush/Blair Iraq dodgy dossier taint future intelligence decisions.

Carney sounds complacent on getting funds going to SMEs – net lending has fallen for the last four years.

Jake Bugg mentioned by Mark Carney. The death knell of many a solo singer songwriter.