Sentances keep musical talent in the family

EARLIER in the year The Capitalist invited readers to send word of any business-related songs they had come across in the workplace. The request led not only to the door of economist-slash-rocker Andrew Sentance, but also ex-MBA tutor – and friend of Sentance – Peter Cook.

Now The Capitalist hears that the musical pair treated guests at a summer garden party hosted by Sentance earlier this month to performances of several rock classics.

The playlist at the summer shindig included covers of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix – with Cook rocking out part of the solo with his guitar behind his head.

However, Sentance proudly told the The Capitalist that the real show-stopper was the musical entertainment provided by his son Tim, who besides being a fellow economist (he read the subject at Warwick university), is also a professional musician in a jazz quartet. Given that Sentance’s wife Anne used to teach music in schools, it seems they really are keeping the musical talent in the family.