Back to school blues: Carney’s wife tackles green stationery

IT appears Bank of England governor’s wife Diana Carney has more in common with Samantha Cameron than marriage to a high-powered leader in Britain, judging by her latest blog.

Diana would surely have plenty to chat about with Samantha – former creative director of high end stationer Smythson – after revealing she is obsessed with eco-friendly stationery.

“I could obsess about pens and pencils for ever” wrote Diana, who blogs sporadically under her maiden name Fox.

British-born Mrs Carney revealed in her blog that she hates plastic ringbinder files, writing that they “leach toxins and end up in the dump after just one school year (if the dump will take them).”

“I am not yet sure what the lists advise in my new schools, but I continually marvelled, back in Canada, at the requirement for countless pencils, dozens of glue sticks and endless duotangs [paper folders]. I may be fooling myself, but I remember actually looking after my pencil case and its contents, removing the need for a late August buying frenzy” blogged Carney, who has enrolled her four children in English schools.

In contrast, The Capitalist hears the use of plastic folders is rife at the Bank – although its publications are printed on 50 per cent recycled paper. Hopefully, Mrs Carney would approve.