Finesse your 5S

The latest iPhone is coming – send it into orbit with these stellar accessories

Tarra Motors Scooter
Price: TBC
Asian scooter production company Tarra Motors has announced its latest creation: a scooter with an inbuilt iPhone docking station. The docking station in the dash allows the scooter to store information such as electricity consumption while riding, remaining battery life and more while uploading data to the cloud.

iRetrofone 2.0 £230
In previous years we have witnessed handheld devices rapidly decreasing in size, but this year things have changed. The iRetrofone 2.0 turns your smartphone into an old-fashioned stationary object. With a dock for charging and syncing and a working handset, the iRetrofone offers iPhone users the chance to experience the past while using today’s technology.

The Lucien Elements Signature Series iPhone case Price: £543
This case features rows of Swarovski element crystals and comes with a life-time warranty, as well as an anti-glare flash ring. You can even customise the case with a personalised laser engraving.

Beats by Dr Dre Pro wireless on-ear headphones £349.95
These headphones delivers “freedom of movement on the go without sacrificing sound quality”. Made from lightweight aluminium and padded leather ear cups, these headphones not only offer comfort but sound isolation, making them perfect for listening to your tunes on the Tube. Controls located on the earcup make managing music and phone calls easy, as you no longer have to get your phone out of your pocket.

Holga iPhone 5 Lens filter and case kit £17
This iPhone 5 lens kit and case by Holga gives iPhone users the chance to take brilliant photos without having to install any app or software. Designed to resemble an old telephone dial, this case features nine different special effects and filters. Turn the dial to access different filters, transforming the look of any photo.

Mophie Juice Pack Air £59.95
This snap-on Mophie Juice Pack iPhone case extends your battery life allowing you to talk, surf and send almost twice as long. Smart battery technology ensures the Juice Pack’s battery is drained first, preserving your iPhone’s battery life for longer.

BubbleScope for iPhone 5 £49.99
If you have ever tried capturing a 360 degree panoramic image you know how difficult it can be to get the stitching 100 per cent accurate. This problem is a thing of the past with the introduction of the BubbleScope clip-on attachment for the iPhone 5. The Bubblescope uses mirrors to ensure full 360 degree coverage allowing you to capture everything around you.

Sensus App Enhancing Case $99
The ultimate iPhone case for gamers. Sensus is a “touch-sensitive, app-enhancing case for your mobile device”. The rear of the case includes a touch-sensitive pad, allowing you to interact with your phone without your hands getting in the way. It will be available later this year.

Nike+ FuelBand £129.95
This Nike+ FuelBand is great for any fitness fanatic. The band can track calories burned, steps taken and more, while allowing you to set daily goals. All the data recorded by the band can be wirelessly sent to your iPhone, making it easy to track your fitness progress.

Zepp GolfSense Sensor £99.95
This 3D motion capture GolfSense engine allows for highly accurate data to be sent to your iPhone analysing your golfing technique. The GoldSense has a “phone in pocket” options, which helps to analyse hip rotation and the glove attachment feature takes into account your wrist motion, letting you know how good your swing really is. From beginners to professionals, this gadget is ideal for any iPhone user with an interest in golf.