Any Other Business - 16/08

■ Jessica Ennis-Hill is boring under the streets of London, as the namesake for Crossrail’s seventh tunnelling machine. The 1,000 tonne boring machine, whose name was picked by local primary school children, will start building a new 1.7 mile Crossrail tunnel from Pudding Mill Lane to Stepney Green. She will soon by joined by a second machine named Ellie, after Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds. And to think that other gold medallists had to make do with a golden post box. Transport minister Stephen Hammond said the new machines are an important part of “pushing the UK ahead in the global race”; tunnel-digging presumably being the latest category in said event.

■ Sit back and relax. At least that was the message Asda appeared to be sending to journalists at yesterday’s press conference by scattering cushions on every seat. And comfortable they were too. Plumped-up cushions – this time tagged with little brown labels saying “take me” and decorated with retro moustaches – are a favourite giveaway at the supermarket chain’s half-yearly meets. Last time there were cushions adorned with metallic silver pineapples and red parrots. Judging by the number of seats still with cushions yesterday, the moustaches were less of a hit.