Negotiator hits out at BP over firm’s behaviour in Gulf talks

City A.M. Reporter
BP’S LEGAL tactics aimed at capping the financial blowout from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster will backfire, according to Joe Rice, negotiator of last year’s settlement on behalf of over 100,000 compensation claimants.

In March BP began to contest the way payouts were being made under the PSC settlement, saying too many undeserving claims were getting through, calling some of them “fictitious” and “absurd”.

Rice has hit out the company’s approach. “They’re attacking our entire judicial system. They’re attacking the judge. They’re attacking the claims administrator they helped appoint. They’re attacking the lawyers for representing people” Rice told Reuters. “In our view, BP views us as a colony that they own and can exploit. It’s outrageous.”

BP said Rice’s claims were xenophobic. “We are defending our rights, shining a light on abuses, and keeping people informed,” it said.