Grub’s up! Pest controllers bring fried insects to feed City workers

IT IS usually in the summer months that The Capitalist notices an extra layer of flab around the midriff that has accumulated during the year’s parties and dinners.

After a dejected sigh – and encouraged by the clement weather – we then join our fellow gut-busters jogging along the Thames at lunchtimes, while doing our utmost to cut back on desserts.

Today, therefore, we shall be heading to One New Change for a notably carb-free and healthy lunch.

A one-off pop-up “Pestaurant” will be serving protein-hungry City workers treats such as: salt and vinegar crickets, BBQ mealworms, and chocolate-dipped ants.

“Common house crickets contain four times as much protein as the same weight of chicken,” says Rentokil, which is running the store. “100g of crickets contains 121 calories, compared to 288 calories in 100g of beef.” Gnom gnom.