Fracking for gas attracts strong support within UK

A NEW poll of public attitudes to fracking has indicated that more people in the UK support than oppose its use.

The survey, conducted by ICM for the Guardian, showed that nearly half, 44 per cent, said that fracking should take place in the UK. The results indicate that a plurality of respondents in every age group are in favour.

In contrast, only 30 per cent believe that fracking should not take place in the country at all.

When asked if they would favour fracking near their homes, 41 per cent still said yes, nearly equal to the 40 per cent who disagreed.

Despite Tory peer Lord Howell’s recent suggestion that fracking should take place in “desolate” areas in the north west of England, support for the method of extracting gas is highest in the north, with 45 per cent of people in favour and only 28 per cent against.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister David Cameron voiced his support for the technique, which supporters hope will drive down energy prices.