Letters to the editor - 14/13 - Fracking safety, Silicon Roundabout, Best of Twitter

Fracking safety

[Re: Is David Cameron right to say the UK is missing out by not exploiting shale reserves? Monday]

David Morris MP’s comments are to be welcomed. To say that fracking is dangerous is unfounded. It can be carried out sensibly and carefully by skilled engineers. Consider this: in some towns and cities in the US, large amounts of oil drilling takes place. The rig is carefully surrounded by special material, plus soundproofing, and the operation continues – with most people blissfully unaware that a drilling rig is down the street. Local protesters in the UK need to remember the huge savings that will eventually mean lower energy bills.

Roderick Archer


Silicon Roundabout

[Re: The Valley vs the Roundabout: London is closing the gap, Monday]

Annabel Palmer asks whether Silicon Roundabout can compete with Silicon Valley as a place to start up and grow businesses. She is right that London has many of the ingredients necessary, but she should also have mentioned one of the crucial elements for which the Valley is renowned – confidence. If we in London – the government, universities and investors – make a concerted effort to support entrepreneurs , their confidence will grow and Tech City will become the business supercluster that only a city like ours can truly support.

Professor Stephen Caddick, UCL



Exiting recession? Unemployment: Spain 26 per cent, Italy 12 per cent, Eurozone 12 per cent.

With wages rising 1.7 per cent, and fares rising 4.1 per cent, is that what they meant by the Age of the Train?

Consumer Price Index is above target, again, for the 44th consecutive month. Hovering close to 3 per cent. @asentance

Lending to business fell by £4.5bn in three months to May, with small firms most affected.