Any Other Business - 12/08

■ If you’ve ever fancied your own private jet, now would be the perfect time to buy. According to business aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft, 20.8 per cent of the light and midsized private jet market in the UK is currently up for sale, with 19 per cent on the market across Europe. Anything over 10 per cent indicates that buyers have the upper hand, so there are bargains to be had. Unfortunately, that’s presumably because even the people who could once afford private jets are now trading down.

■ A new store pops up on Piccadilly this morning: a capital showcase for some of Britain’s best retail startups. Thanks to a six-week, rent free deal with the Crown Estate, up to 60 UK manufacturers are getting the chance to display their wares. The store is being opened by PopUpBritain, which matches startups with empty retail spaces. Ten different startups will be on show each week: the first set include bone china tea cups from Stoke-on-Trent and leather handbags crafted right here in London.

Cally Squires is away