Letters to the Editor - 12/08 - Brussels deal, Monetary Policy, Best of Twitter

Brussels deal

[Re: British business would thrive under a bespoke new deal with Brussels, Friday]
The author believes it is possible to have “minimum regulation from Brussels, and maximum access to the Single Market”. It sounds too good to be true because it is. Of the three templates discussed, only Norway’s would give full access to the Single Market, but we would have to follow all regulations with no vote – hardly an improvement on the current situation. The Swiss and Turkish solutions would give only partial access to the Single Market – and without a vote on any new regulation.

Roland Rudd, chairman, Business for New Europe


Monetary policy

[Re: Why governor’s monetary revolution will eventually backfire, Thursday]
The Monetary Policy Committee has to be careful not to stoke another housing bubble. That said, I am optimistic about the UK economy; businesses have sat on vast cash piles and are starting to invest, which will create economic growth.

Name withheld

Excessive increases in property values should not be taken as a sign of economic recovery. I fear that the new governor is engineering another property bubble.

Tom Matthews



Strong exports rounded off good week for economy. May not need 0.5 per cent rates for much longer.

Mark Carney is right on the need to promote more women in the ranks of the Bank of England.

At this rate, the numbers of Liberal Democrat deposits lost in the 2015 election could be in the hundreds.

If lenders hadn’t lent so irresponsibly we would have no crisis. Savers did their bit but are now losing out.