Brexit: David Davis's former aide Stewart Jackson slams No 10 over "Hotel California Chequers" agreement

Catherine Neilan
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"You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave" (Source: Getty)

David Davis' former aide has launched an astonishing broadside against Number 10, claiming he is being blocked from advising the new Brexit secretary and blasting the "Hotel California Chequers" agreement.

Stewart Jackson, who is an ardent Leaver, last night confirmed that he was being barred from returning to the Department for Exiting the European Union (DexEU) under Dominic Raab, after the former secretary of state resigned on Sunday night.

He said: "Not normally affable [Theresa May's chief of staff] Gavin Barwell’s style I would have thought. Dominic Raab was gracious and generous in asking me to stay on but he was overruled. I admit I stood shoulder to shoulder with DD to deliver Brexit and that annoyed the Europe Unit who are now running the show."

On the fact that Raab's new role has been downgraded to focus on domestic issues, rather than Brussels-facing negotiations, Jackson said it was "all part of the plan" under May's chief Europe adviser Olly Robbins, who had also "blocked the publication of the white paper from at least March because 1) they’d lose policy control and 2) Ipso facto it’s contents might not be the Hotel California Brexit they delivered at Chequers".

The Eagles' hit song ends with the ominous lyrics: "You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave."

The delay of the white paper earlier this year had angered Davis to such a degree he had threatened to resign more than a month before he eventually walked.

Jackson went onto blast "ersatz Brexiter" Robbie Gibb - Number 10's director of communications - for "sounding off to his BBC mates about the “third way” customs option - forcing PM to explicitly deny it. 24 hours later on Tues pm it appeared in a detailed presentation in 9 Downing St by HMRC. Quick work guys!"

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