Bitcoin sceptic Jamie Dimon tells buyers to 'beware' when investing in bitcoin

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Both Buffett and Dimon have been outspoken about their sentiments on cryptos in the past (Source: Getty)

After several controversial statements about bitcoin, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon again tells people to “beware” when trading in the cryptocurrency.

Dimon, who appeared in a joint CNBC interview with Berkshire Hathaway chief executive and billionaire business magnate Warren Buffett, has in the past been very sceptical of the crypto, labelling it a “fraud” in September last year.

In the interview, the two businessmen were asked who hated bitcoin the most and Buffet started off by saying jokey: “I set a high a high standard, I don't know whether Jamie can top me or not.”

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In response, Dimon simply said: “I don't want to be the bitcoin spokesman, just beware.”

In September, bitcoin hit a three-week low following Dimon's remarks about bitcoin being a "fraud" adding that he would fire an employee trading in cryptos for being “stupid”.

He has since retracted his statement and said he regret making the infamous comment, and recognised the potential of blockchain platforms. However, he still remains a bitcoin sceptic.

Buffett as well is known for being outspoken on the subject calling bitcoin “rat poison squared” in the past along with fellow investor Bill Gates.

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