OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Clever design decisions make these the best wireless earphones at this price

Steve Hogarty
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OnePlus Bullets Wireless

OnePlus is best known for making Android smartphones, but the company also has a little side hustle in headphones (and, weirdly enough, backpacks).

The wireless version of its popular Bullets series of in-ears was announced alongside the OnePlus 6, and while they won’t excite audiophiles much, great performance and a bunch of clever little common-sense design decisions make these one of the best pairs of wireless earbuds you can currently buy.

They’re in the neckband style, with a flexible and lightweight silicone band connecting the two earbuds. They’re especially comfortable to wear while exercising, as the thicker part of the band gently supports the earbuds and prevents tugging, and the wingtips fit neatly inside the ear. The earbuds attach magnetically to one another when not in use, which helpfully switches them off to preserve battery life too.

If you own a OnePlus charger you can get five hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of charging – incredibly useful for those times you grab your headphones on the way out the door only to realise they’re dead.

For £70 earbuds, there really isn’t much else that comes close.

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