Revealed: The 15 best employers in Britain for work-life balance, as rated by staff

Transport for London ranked top spot for being the best UK employer for a work/life balance
Transport for London ranked top spot for being the best UK employer for a work/life balance (Source: Getty)

Dealing with millions of busy commuters might not sound like the dream job, but according to a new study workers at Transport for London (TfL) are the most content with their work-life balance.

The rankings, compiled by job site Indeed, showed that TfL had a better “staff first” mentality than any other company in the UK.

Good holiday allocation, sympathetic employment hours and the ability to leave work at the office were among the factors which determined an employee’s regard for their company, with salaries no longer being the priority that they once were.

Second place in the rankings was the University of Leeds, while tech giant Apple came in third.

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Top 15 employers in Britain for work-life balance

1. Transport for London

2. University of Leeds

3. Apple

4. Unilever

4. Kumon

6. University of Greenwich

7. John Lewis

8. Jobcentre Plus

9. GlaxoSmithKline

10. American Express

11. Thomson Reuters

12. University of Southampton

13. Lloyds Banking Group

14. BAE Systems

15. Rolls-Royce

Among the other big names on the list, John Lewis - which was ranked the company Brits would be proudest to work for in a YouGov poll last month - featured, so too did American Express and Rolls-Royce.

Bill Richards, UK managing director at Indeed, said: “There is much to be gained both for employers and employees from encouraging a healthy work/life balance so all companies in this list should be applauded for already offering more to their staff than just a salary, none more so than Transport for London for leading the way.

He added: “Millennials in particular are aware that they are likely to have to work for longer than previous generations, so they appreciate the need to enjoy what they are doing as well as where and with whom they are doing it.

Tricia Wright, chief people officer at TfL, said: “It’s great to be recognised as the best place to work for work-life balance, especially since the award is a result of feedback from people who have worked at TfL. In order to offer customers the best service possible, we believe that it is important to have a diverse workforce who feel valued.”

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