US private equity firm acquire majority of London-based Thai food chain

Sebastian McCarthy
The heat will be on TriSpan to succeed in their debut market deal in Europe
The heat will be on TriSpan to succeed in their debut market deal in Europe (Source: Getty)

Private equity firm TriSpan has acquired a majority investment in a fast-growing Thai food chain based in London.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe, which has set up 13 restaurants in the capital since it sprang up a decade ago, is TriSpan’s debut market deal in Europe.

The managing director of Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Gavin Adair, will head up the joint group as it hopes to see continued growth.

The announcement came after days of speculation surrounding the acquisition which has now been made by TriSpan, who have already invested in more than 20 restaurant groups globally.

However, the restaurant chain’s founders Alex and Saiphin Moore will remain involved in the business, respectively focusing on the group’s culture and innovation and driving food quality.

Alex Moore said: “We set up Rosa’s Thai Cafe to be a progressive, responsive and thoughtful group of restaurants and we are really proud that has stood us in such good stead.”

He added: “This is an exciting new partnership for the group and since joining last year Gavin has developed excellent strategies to support our future aspirations.”

The private equity firm’s transaction team said: “The TriSpan team have been tracking Rosa’s Thai Cafe for some time now given its authenticity, solid financial performance, health-orientation and support for multi-channel/multi-format growth. We believe Rosa’s Thai Cafe is arguably the most authentic group of branded Thai restaurants in the UK. We feel passionate about it and are excited to support the founders and the management team in their journey ahead.”

While details concerning the deal are not yet known, the Sunday Times reported that Rosa’s Thai Cafe posted sales of £8.2m and “core earnings” of £1.4m last year.

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