Brits have the least free time in Europe

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Brits are getting by on just 55 minutes of me-time a day (Source: Getty)

British adults have less free time than anyone else in Europe, according to a new study.

The average person has just 55 minutes to themselves every day, and works 26 minutes of overtime according to a survey conducted by One Poll for Fuze Tea.

That compares to over an hour of free time for those working in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Four in ten Brits continue to check and reply to work emails when they get home, even after an average commute time of one hour and eight minutes.

Wednesday was found to be the busiest day, when people get just 53 minutes alone, but the average time for relaxation was only 7 minutes longer on Sunday.

Some 64 per cent of respondents said they would use extra time to chill out.

When Brits do get time to relax, the most popular activity is reading. More than half of respondents said they liked to switch off with a good book, while 47 per cent favoured watching TV.

Around 46 per cent also enjoyed listening to music in their spare time.

But for under 25s, a third would like to look at social media in their time off, compared to 19 per cent of adults overall.

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