Roche reveals promising Hemlibra results, predicted to become dominant haemophilia drug

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The tests shows that Hemlibra might become the dominant drug for haemophilia (Source: Getty)

The haemophilia treatment drug Hemlibra is set to take up a dominant position on the market as it dramatically reduced bleeding in test subjects on Monday.

The drug, develop by Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company Roche, cut the incidence of treated bleeds in haemophilia A patients who did not get preventive treatment by 96 per cent, compared to 68 per cent in patients who did get preventive treatment.

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Sandra Horning, chief medical officer at Roche, said: “These new pivotal data show that Hemlibra controlled bleeds in people with haemophilia A, while offering the flexibility of less frequent subcutaneous dosing options.”

“With this data, we now have positive results from all four of our phase III trials that reinforce the overall efficacy and safety of Hemlibra and its potential to improve care for all people with haemophilia A.”

Hemlibra was first successful and approved in patients with inhibitors, antibodies that cause resistance to replacement clotting factors, but Roche plans to use these new positive findings to extend regulatory approval around the world.

Haemophilia is a condition in which a person does not have enough clotting factors, or platelets, in his or her blood to stop bleeding. Hence, once a wound starts bleeding, it will not coagulate and therefore not stop.

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