Tower Hamlet ranked as London’s quietest borough after Sutton and Waltham Forest

Oscar Lopez
London's quietest borough is Tower Hamlet.

Tower Hamlets is London’s quietest borough, according to research from property group Barratt Homes, followed by Sutton and Waltham Forest.

The study looked at crowdsourced sound data from 4,000 decibel readings made across the capital using WideNoise, an app where users can make decibel level readings on the go.

The company found that, at an average of 53.3 decibels (DB) from 44 recordings, the equivalent noise level of normal conversation, Tower Hamlets was the quietest borough.

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Sutton had the second lowest reading at an average of 53.8 DB from 33 readings, with the average recorded sound level never exceeding that found in a restaurant.

Waltham Forest had the third lowest average, with an average recorded level of 56.1 DB from 34 readings.

Islington was the loudest borough, according to the group’s findings, with a recorded average decibel level of 77.2 DB from 20 recordings – about the same level as a dishwasher, factory floor or a freight train.

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The average noise level across the entire city was 66 DB, around the same level as the average office.

Barratt Homes said that the city’s generally low sound volumes was “a testament to the city’s progressive attitude to preserving green spaces during a period of rapid urbanisation.”

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