Here's everything you need to know about the major Northern Line disruption coming up including which stations will be busiest

Rebecca Smith
London Underground 48-hour Tube Strike Affects Rush Hour
Northern Line passengers could be in for a summer of chaos (Source: TfL)

Brace yourselves frequenters of the Northern Line.

For the moment you've all been dreading has nearly arrived. From later this week, Saturday 26 May until mid-September, the Northern and Victoria Lines and some stations are expected to be busier than usual as Bank branch Northern Line trains won't be stopping at Kennington.

And with that being the capital's busiest Tube line, a whole lot of passengers will see their journeys affected by the work, so here's a roundup of what you need to know about it.

Why will there be disruption?

Work is going on by Transport for London (TfL) necessary for the massive Northern Line extension to Battersea, so for that to happen Bank branch trains can't stop at Kennington.

So is Kennington going to be shut entirely?

No, it will remain open for the Charing Cross section but there will be no interchange between the branches.

If you need to get to Kennington station, go to Elephant & Castle and Oval for local buses, cycling and walking routes. Or from Angel or King's Cross St Pancras, use the Charing Cross branch via Euston, and from Bank, Borough and London Bridge, you can use local buses.

How will the Bank branch be affected?

TfL has said that there will be a slightly reduced service on the Bank branch in order to allow "more frequent, direct trains" to run between Morden and the Charing Cross branch.

How will the Charing Cross branch be affected otherwise?

During the work, Charing Cross branches will run to and from Morden around every 10 minutes, and TfL has said stations are likely to be busier especially during the evening peak.

Will the work cause wider disruption on the London Underground?

Yes. The Northern and Victoria lines are expected to be busier due to the work, with TfL also warning some stations are expected to be more crowded than usual too. It has advised passengers to avoid the busiest times where possible, allow extra time for their journeys, and use alternative routes from bus, rail, cycling and walking options where they can.

Wait, the Victoria Line too?

Afraid so. TfL has said to avoid the busiest times where possible, and allow extra time for your journey and use alternative routes if you can. At Victoria station, passengers may be held outside the station more often and for longer, with the busiest times between 8.30am and 8.45am, and between 5.45pm and 6.15pm in the evening.

TfL said passengers at Pimlico and Vauxhall may also find it takes longer to board a train, and could be held outside the station for longer or more often to let crowds ease. It has also provided guidance on the busiest times at the likes of Brixton (8.15am to 8.45am), Green Park (8.30am and 8.40am and 5.45pm to 6.15pm) and Oxford Circus (8.30am to 8.45am and between 5.30pm and 6.15pm), telling passengers to avoid them where possible.

Here are the stations expected to be busiest - and when:

These are the stations expected to be busiest (Source: TfL)

For more information, check in on TfL's dedicated page about the works and the expected disruption as a result here.

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