London architect builds world’s highest ‘office’ on Mount Everest

Oscar Lopez
An office space has been built at the base camp of Mount Everest

An intrepid London architect has successfully built a business office at a record-breaking altitude while on an expedition to Mount Everest.

Jon Beswick, director of Adventure in Architecture, was part of the UK team who staged the world’s highest black-tie dinner and was tasked by his colleagues to provide a workstation for the team.

The climbing team successfully broke the Guinness World Record for the Highest formal black tie dinner party, eating a gourmet meal at 7,020 metres on Mount Everest.

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Beswick, meanwhile, built the structure by making his bespoke design at Everest’s Base Camp, which sits at 6,400 metres.

Beswick’s team worked with London-based start-up Build with Hubs to create a structure resembling a yurt fit for the extreme conditions.

The 36-year-old Beswick said: “The structure used light aluminium tubes of one length, rather than two for a standard dome which results in a simpler build. This was required for assembly at high altitude, where cognitive function is impaired due to a lack of oxygen.

“It successfully withstood the elements and provided much needed shelter on this incredible record attempt.”

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As well as high-end residential and commercial projects Adventure in Architecture is known for its unusual designs, including a mobile hotel, a gym on a bus and indoor assault courses.

Beswick added: “I am thrilled to have added an architectural element to this amazing adventure. Our company prides itself on being part of groundbreaking projects and it is an honour to participate in these record-breaking journeys."

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