Martin Sorrell sheds light on how he plans to 'start again' after WPP

Josh Mines
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Martin Sorrell, former chief exec of WPP, has given another update on what he plans to do after WPP (Source: Getty)

Former boss of ad giant WPP Martin Sorrell has given a bit more detail about what he has up his sleeve in the future.

Last week, Sorrell publicly stated that he would be "starting again" after he left the company, leading many to speculate about the potential of a new enterprise for the adman.

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​Speaking to LUMA Partners chief executive Terence Kawaja at the 2018 Digital Media Summit in New York yesterday, Sorrell gave some clarity on what he would do with what he described as his "fresh start."

"What I’m looking at, and what I will focus on and try to do again — as we did in 1985 — is look at where are the opportunities from a technological point of view and look at where are the opportunities from a geographic point of view and put the two together.

"That may sound very simplistic, but I think actually, at the end of the day, it isn’t."

He also weighed in on the future of advertising, as he said that huge corporations like Procter & Gamble and Unilever now needed modern ad agencies who could quickly respond to the demands of new media.

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