Britain's biggest rail operator is changing the time of every train as it promises 400 new daily services

Rebecca Smith
Southern rail owner GTR is changing the time of every single one of its trains
Southern rail owner GTR is changing the time of every single one of its trains (Source: Getty)

Southern rail owner Govia Thameslink Railway said today that it is introducing "completely new train timetables" with every single train time changing as it pledged to deliver 400 more trains running each day.

The new timetable comes into force next week across GTR's entire network of Southern, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Great Northern. The train operator has said it will involve a significant boost to its services with nearly 13 per cent more trains running every day.

Britain's biggest rail operator will start to run around 3,600 trains or one every 24 seconds, across its network in an effort to improve capacity across its network.

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GTR said many passengers will see their trains start and terminate at different stations, so many current King's Cross services will instead call at the adjacent St Pancras station.

Passengers have been told to check before they travel ahead of the shake-up, with the time of each train shifting on Sunday 20 May. The train operator has already warned that some initial disruption to services is expected with a major redeployment of trains and crews in the coming weeks.

GTR said the shake-up will bring a number of improvements, including space into London for an extra 50,000 passengers in the morning peak.

It also said that because of the development, 80 more stations will have direct services to central London stations such as Farringdon, City, Thameslink and Blackfriars by next year.

Charles Horton, GTR's chief executive, said:

We are introducing the biggest ever change to a rail timetables to significantly boost capacity on the UK’s most congested network. We don’t want passengers to get caught out and so we strongly advise them to look up the times of their trains as they will find that from 20 May each and every one of them has changed.

Due to the sheer scale of the changes, we will have to redeploy a large number of trains and crews and services may not run at normal times during the introductory phase, although the impact on peak time services during the transition will be minimal.

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