Mick Jagger wades in as government says it will publish detailed white paper on the UK's Brexit positions

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Documents will outline what the UK wants from negotiations (Source: Getty)

The government pledged to clarify its Brexit position yesterday, just hours after Mick Jagger urged leaders to firm up their stance.

“One week it’s one thing, one week it’s the next,” the rocker told the BBC. “Everyone would like to see a fast resolution, a united front.”

Just a few hours later, the Prime Minister confirmed a white paper on the UK’s position ahead of a summit next month. Brexit secretary David Davis said it would be the “most significant publication on the EU since the referendum”.

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Davis said it would be the “most significant publication on the EU since the referendum”.

Speaking to Cabinet colleagues, he said: “It will communicate our ambition for the UK’s future relationship with the EU, in the context of our vision for the UK's future role in the world.”

He added that it was “an opportunity to set out clearly to both a domestic and an EU audience the reasoning behind our approach, including where we think it is clearly in the EU’s interests as well as our own”.

The document, which could run to more than 100 pages, is expected to detail the UK’s desired outcome on key issues including security and the financial services.

It is also expected to cover the customs relationship between the UK and the EU, a topic which has caused contention in the upper echelons of government in the past few weeks after plans for a customs partnership were proposed.

Davis insisted that the paper would include “detailed, ambitious and precise explanations of our positions”.

“It should set out what will change and what will feel different outside the EU,” he concluded.

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