Here are the nine most sought after work perks that UK employees want

Rebecca Smith
Wellness perks such as yoga classes were among the most popular with UK employees
Wellness perks such as yoga classes were among the most popular with UK employees (Source: Getty)

We've all heard about the snazzy perks on offer at some of the world's biggest tech firms from Facebook to Google (which was crowned the best place to work in the UK last year by Glassdoor).

Now new research has revealed the benefits employees in the UK are most enticed by.

SmallBusinessPrices conducted a survey of 2,000 UK employees to find out what perks they were given and what they actually wanted.

The most popular work perk was additional holiday or flexitime, with more than a quarter of British workers choosing it as their most sought-after pick, though under a fifth actually got it.

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The perks employees want

1. Additional holiday/flexible working hours

2. Travel/company car

3. Employee discount

4. Insurance

5. Wellness e.g. yoga, bring your dog to work, gym

6. Food/drink

7. Luxuries

8. Events/away days/dress-down Fridays

9. Training budget

The perk workers were most likely to have was an employee discount, with nearly a fifth saying they were offered one at work.

Some six per cent of employees currently received travel and a company car benefit, but 16 per cent of staff surveyed said they would rather have transport benefits over a pay rise.

Just three per cent of workers said they would prefer training to a pay rise, though 12 per cent get it as a work perk.

Nearly a third of 18-24 year-olds said they would be most tempted to apply for a job if they received a £4,000 housing contribution as a company benefit, while 24 per cent said a sabbatical of up to six weeks paid leave offered as a perk would be most likely to increase their likelihood of applying for a job.

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