Rolls-Royce SUV will be built in the UK, says carmaker's boss

Catherine Neilan
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Rolls-Royce has said it plans to build its next SUV in Britain, ahead of the big reveal of the luxury Cullinan model at noon today.

Chief executive Torsten Muller-Otvos told the BBC's Today Programme the firm would like to continue building cars at its West Sussex plant.

But with 90 per cent of Rolls-Royce's cars destined for overseas markets, he is "truly interested" in seeing a Brexit deal that maintains frictionless free trade.

"Rolls-Royce is a truly British brand and we belong to Britain... That is part of our success story worldwide," he said.

Adding that he was an optimist, Muller-Otvos said he believed Britain can strike a good deal.

The eagerly anticipated midday launch has been billed as the most important vehicle for luxury car-maker since its acquisition by BMW 20 year ago.

At noon the covers will come off the 4x4 – called the “Cullinan” after the largest diamond ever discovered. Muller-Otvos has previously described the car as being “such clarity of purpose, such flawless quality and preciousness, and such presence that it recalibrates the scale and possibility of true luxury – just like the Cullinan diamond”.

As yet Rolls-Royce has not disclosed how much the car will cost, but speculation is that it will be about £250,000, twice the price of the "entry-level" Ghost model.

You can watch the grand unveiling from 12pm here: