Aston Martin has launched its own luxury submarine - and it screams 007

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Aston Martin has unveiled its own exclusive luxury submarine - and it looks fit for whoever takes up the 007 mantle.

Although it has not been given an exact price tag, City A.M. understands it will cost in the region of $4m (£3m).

The design of the submarine, called project neptune, has now been completed and its first model will be revealed to the public later this year.

The sub was developed when the two manufacturers launched a partnership in September last year. Passengers will be treated to near 360 degree visibility in a submarine that will be able to dive to depths of 500 metres, carrying two passengers and a pilot. Its sprint speed will exceed 5 knots, four times higher than Triton’s flagship 3300/3 model.

Aston Martin executive vice president president and chief creative officer Marek Reichman said: “Project neptune’s interior was a great challenge. Unlike a sports car where the interiors are installed into an open-sided cabin before the doors are fitted, everything you see inside will be lowered through the upper-hatch and assembled within the completed sphere of the pressure hull. We have been able to present a congruous aesthetic that defies its multi-part complex installation.”

John Ramsay, chief technical officer at Triton submarines added: “The interior is quintessentially Aston Martin – a luxurious mix of hand-stitched leather and high-performance carbon fibre, assembled without obstructing the panoramic sight-lines that Triton submersibles are famous for.”

Lucky buyers will even be able to customise and personalise their own submarine through Aston Martin’s bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin.

Prospective buyers will be able to glimpse the work of art at this week’s Lybra superyacht show in Barcelona.

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