Ranked: The best value airlines for short-haul flights on everything from baggage charges to ticket prices

Rebecca Smith
Easyjet was ranked top overall among the short-haul airlines
Easyjet was ranked top overall among the short-haul airlines (Source: Getty)

As the low-cost carrier battle continues to heat up, Skyscanner has assessed which short-haul airlines operating in the UK offer the best value for passengers.

The travel fare aggregator website has reviewed the top 20 short-haul airlines for baggage costs, seat reservations, on-board catering, as well as average flight prices, and it's not just the budget names serving up the best deals for passengers.

Low-cost giant Easyjet took the top spot, and that was followed by Eurowings, KLM and Swiss, with British Airways also making the cut in joint eighth spot.

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Best value short-haul airline 2018
1. Easyjet
2. Eurowings
=3. KLM
=3. Swiss
5. Vueling
6. Lufthansa
7. Jet2
=8. British Airways
=8. Flybe
=8. Air France

John Ritchie, senior growth manager at Skycanner, said:

When booking flights travellers can often be confused by what is deemed to be a bargain and what isn’t. It’s very easy for a traveller to book a great flight deal only to realise that the extra costs for baggage and seat reservations have taken them over budget.

Whether a flight deal is of value to a traveller is determined by the needs of that traveller and what they deem to be important. Travellers who won’t be needing to place luggage in the hold and aren’t fussed on where they sit, should opt for the cheapest flight price.

However, if those extras are important then more consideration is needed. The majority of airlines offer value packages where the flights might cost a little more but hold baggage and seat allocation is included and they are certainly worth considering.

Travellers found baggage charges one of the most annoying additional costs when flying on a value flight, with Eurowings leading the way for the best charges, then Iberia and British Airways.

For seat allocation, Blue Air was ranked top, followed by Vueling and then Easyjet, while best value on-board catering went to KLM, Lufthansa and Air France.

When it came to the best value airline for average flight price from the UK to European destinations, Ryanair came up top, followed by Easyjet and Flybe.

Lowest average flight prices
1. Ryanair
2. Easyjet
3. Flybe
4. Vueling
5. Wizz Air
6. Norwegian
7. Aer Lingus
8. Blue Air
9. Eurowings
10. Tui Airways

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