Air France hit with further strikes as final pay offer to unions is put on the table

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The pay offer by Air France will be open until this Friday (Source: Getty)

Air France is to be hit with further strikes over the next couple of weeks after the carrier made a final pay offer to end the months-long conflict.

A call for strike was issued by Air France unions and confirmed for Tuesday and Wednesday this week, as well as Monday and Tuesday the following week.

Air France said it was expecting to halt 30 per cent of its flights and that passengers should expect last-minute delays and cancellations. It said it will be possible for passengers travelling on the relevant dates to rebook their flights at no extra cost.

While the strikes, which have cost €220m, are ongoing, Air France pitched a final pay offer open until Friday lunchtime to resolve the conflict, which has arisen over protests to Emmanuel Macron's labour reforms.

The offer would ensure an additional pay rise of one per cent this year and five per cent from 2019 to 2021.

‚ÄčAir France said on its website: "The continuing strike action is having serious consequences for the company, its customers and staff. It is financially destructive for the airline and its staff and is putting the company's future in danger. The estimated cost of these strikes, including 17 and 18 April, is €220m.

"Continuing this conflict and rejecting this particularly favourable agreement proposal for Air France staff would represent a grave responsibility towards the entire company and its customers."

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