London tops list of easiest places to get planning permission in England

Oscar Lopez
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Planning permissions have hit record high approvals in the UK. (Source: Getty)

The City of London is the easiest place in England to obtain planning permissions, according to a new study from Everest Home Improvement. The capital topped the list with 99 per cent of planning permissions approved.

The London borough of Harrow proved the toughest place to get planning permissions approved in 2017, with just 54 per cent of requests given the go ahead.

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The survey also found that, although obtaining a planning permission is generally easier than it was 10 years ago, 34 per cent of people who had recently applied for planning found starting the process very tough, while 32 per cent waited at least three months before their application was approved.

According to Everest’s analysis of government data, in the year ending September 2017, authorities received 476,300 planning applications across Britain of which 434,300 were approved, meaning the country’s planning approval rate is at 88 per cent.

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The study also shows that Wigan, Exmoor National Park, Copeland and Hartlepool all had planning permission approvals rates well over 90 per cent, while places like Kingston upon Thames and Luton had approval rates of just over 60 per cent.

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